GossenInsurance.ca is now BlocksAgencies.ca

Recently we launched a new website for Gossen Insurance. As of April 1st they have been bought by Block’s Agencies and will be operating under that name, along with two other agencies in Borden and Langham. We’ve re-branded the new Gossen Insurance website for Block’s Agencies, and added the two other locations that Block’s Agencies owns to the website as well. The website is now available through both blocksagencies.ca and blocksagencies.ca. This makes sure that any links to the old website, either sent out by email, printed on promotional material, or on Facebook will continue to work and will take the you to the right page. If you’d like to see how we set this up to make sure we didn’t confuse any visitors you can ready about it in our blog here.

Launch of New Gossen Insurance Website

We are happy to announce the launch of a new website for Gossen Insurance.

Gossen Insurance is a Waldheim based insurance broker that offers competitive insurance options and a wide range of services for the local community.

They needed a new site for their business, and they needed it quickly. This website was setup and ready for use in a matter of a few weeks. It uses dynamic forms not only to allow visitors to the site to contact staff but also to request quotes for various types of insurance. The site is setup to be as simple and easy to use as possible, to allow site visitors to quickly access the information they need, and to easily be able to contact staff at the office if they need anything futher. We’ve also developed a section of the site for the staff to quickly and easily list rental property available in Waldheim as a public service to the community.